w o w m o m 2022

Larry Arrington & Alexa Burrell: w o w m o m

Performed/Screened on Friday, April 29 & Saturday, April 30, 2022 | 7:30 PM ODC Theater, San Francisco

Choreographer Larry’ Arrington’s work sits at the intersection of her work in astrology and dance. Settling on the weekend of Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus’s meeting in Pisces. The myth of Aphrodite/Eros transmutation into the two fish of Pisces became another centerpiece for the work. The meeting of these planets in the celestial waters of Pisces (and simultaneous sextile from Pluto and the eclipse) seems a potent pool to dissolve it altogether. The centerpiece of the work is a film created by Burrell and Arrington bolstered by portions of live performance. The work, like the astrology, is a constellation of incredible collaborators. This work is made in concert with Maurya Kerr, Clement Goldberg, Brontez Purnell, Chelsea Reichert, Grisel Torres, Keith Hennessy, Gizeh Muniz-Vengel, Amy Wasielewski, and Joel St Julien.

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