Alexa Burrell is a Bay Area multimedia artist who composes intricate sonic and video works consisting primarily of sampled and found media. Burrell’s works emphasize the textural and visceral qualities of body, voice and identity. She is the video artist for House/Full of Blackwomen, a ritual performance collective created by Amara Tabor-Smith and Ellen Sebastian-Chang. Her work has been featured at Pro Arts Gallery, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, SomArts and Eastside Arts Alliance. 

As a seasoned, multidisciplinary creative, Alexa combines her fine arts sensibility and mad design skills with a drive to make positive change happen. Visual storytelling through film, photography and animation come naturally to her. She also creates and produces music in her solo project LEXAGON. Her music brings an afro-futurist sonic mirage of sound- weaving together loops of soulful vocals, clarinet and theremin. Inspired by female jazz vocalists and melancholy love songs, her performances incorporate femme ballads with ritualized moments of improvisation and experimental noise. She’s interested in how music activates memory, particularly ancestral trauma and epi-genetics. Music is her vehicle for time-traveling and intergenerational healing. 


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