Audium Spatial-Sound Residency 2021- 2022

Audium Theater of Sound, San Francisco CA.

About the Residency:

Audium’s historic first residency cohort spent four months creating a fantastic show, Audium: New Voices. These three artists all had their own unique aesthetic and demonstrated creativity in the design of fully immersive spaces. Not only did these sound residents create custom sound environments for the space, they also worked with Audium staff to develop entirely new controls for sound movement. The tools and systems they created will live on to serve future generations of sound artists. Finally, after months of composing and work, Audium: New Voices premiered! The show ran each weekend from Feb 10- April 2, 2022.

About Audium:

Audium occupies a custom-built facility designed specifically for the creation and performance of spatial sound-art.

For an audience member, Audium’s experience starts the moment one walks through the entrance.  The themes of the night are already seeping into one’s consciousness via sound, projection and art in the lobby. The crowd is ushered down a twisting, darkened hallway, with hidden speakers zipping sounds around. Listeners then sit in the auditorium, in total darkness, and are enveloped by 176 speakers in sloping walls, a floating floor, and a suspended ceiling. 

Sounds are “sculpted” through their movement, direction, speed and intensity on multiple planes in space. Live performance of composed works gives a human, interactive element to Audium’s spatial electronic orchestra.


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