Time of Change (2021)

Commissioned by OYSTERKNIFE for Joe Goode Performance Group in 2021 for Time of Change

Starring: Levi Maxwell

Directed by Chibueze Crouch and Alexa Burrell

Cinematography and Editing: Alexa Burrell

The Joe Goode Performance Group and San Francisco Heritage presented the world premiere of Time of Change, September 1-12, 2021. Time of Change marks the 35th Anniversary of Joe Goode Performance Group and the 50th Anniversary of SF Heritage. Presented in outdoors and indoors locations in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, Time of Change is a new, site-specific dance theater work featuring pop-up moments of original music, monologues, and movement. The show will weave and examine the utopian ideals and failures of the hippie era – as they relate to our current revolution. Among the performance locations is the Doolan-Larson Building–a building at the corner of Haight and Ashbury and a famous site of hippie counterculture pilgrimage. The building was gifted to San Francisco Heritage by Norman Larson (1938-2018), known affectionately as the Duke of the Haight.