Video Art


Time: Miracle

October 5th 2018

Performed live at Lake Merritt Bonsai Garden and shown at Ashara Ekundayo’s gallery for “Assembly of Gods”

Time: Miracle is an investigation of trauma and healing and that relationship with structural systems such as time and space on a personal and historical level. It is a literal intersection of the intellectual and emotional and will be transmuting our immaterial experiences into material visuals and sounds using performance, video, and music.

This piece is a reminder that every immaterial and personal experience we have is a result of systemic infrastructures that cause material circumstances and that the process of material struggle to immaterial suffering does not have to be linear or one-sided. Through art and music,we transmute our hard feelings and transcend these infrastructures of oppression into beautiful objects and experiences. To learn to transcend the limits of time and space through art is, in itself, miraculous. Press



Explorations in Recursive Memory

A visual poem exploring the repetitions of a curse through intergenerational trauma. Featured in Diasporic Alchemy

Somarts, San Francisco 2018


House/Full of Black Women: Passing/Through/The Great Middle

I created a 7 minute silent film for this ritual performance led by Amara-Tabor Smith and Ellen Sebastian-Chang

““passing/through/the great middle” we are ritual/procession. we are under/water/ground. we are witness/testifier. we are guided by ocean/salt/words “Are you sure, sweetheart, that you want to be well?… Just so’s you’re sure, sweetheart, and ready to be healed, cause wholeness is no trifling matter.” The Salt Eaters Toni Cade Bambara


“Black Women Dreaming” is a durational ritual of black women sleeping, resting, and dreaming over seven consecutive days and nights in Oakland between 4pm Sunday March 26 until 12noon Sunday, April 2, 2017.  It is part of Deep Waters Dance Theater’s two-year, multi-site, episodic performance project titled,  “House/Full of Blackwomen”. This week-long experience is a durational episode set to occur for seven consecutive days and nights in an undisclosed West Oakland Boarding House, where black women are invited to engage in a period of ritual rest, sleeping, and dreaming. Black women can sign up to participate for a period of no less than 2 hours, and up to 10 consecutive hours during this week. Participants also have the opportunity to share their sleep/dream via being photographed, film, writing and performing work related to their dream and sleep experience.

House/Full of Black Women: Black Women Dreaming – A Ritual Rest

36 minute video and soundscape loop I created in part of a larger Dream Installation at Chapter 510/Department of Make Believe – Oakland CA.

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House/Full of Black Women: The Meaning of Canaries is a performance ritual that addresses the displacement, well being, and sex-trafficking of black women and girls in Oakland performed as a series of episodes throughout Oakland through 2018. This episode titled, The Meaning of Canaries blurs the lines between dreamtime and wake time, ritual and theater, witness and testifier. Guided by the oracles and writings of Audre Lorde and Octavia Butler the meaning of canaries asks: how do we re/claim our bodies when we were never meant to survive?

Friday & Saturday, October 21-22 2016 8pm
Saturday show followed by discussion
EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland

These videos looped during theater, dance and an electronic cello performance.





Bacchanal de Afrique: Til’ Dance Do Us Part, An Afro Urban Musical
A joyful, tongue-in-cheek narrative of love and coming-of-age delivered against a socio-historical backdrop. Til’ Dance Do Us Part is a celebration of Urban African life stages that will have you on your feet, grooving and hollering. Pulsating with the sounds of Afrobeats, Azonto, Turf, Second-Line, Dancehall, Soukous, Rumba and many more, this night of revelry features a cast of performers showcasing the diversity of contemporary African Diaspora.