Time: Miracle

Time: Miracle

October 5th 2018

Performed live at Lake Merritt Bonsai Garden and shown at Ashara Ekundayo’s gallery for “Assembly of Gods”

Time: Miracle is an investigation of trauma and healing and that relationship with structural systems such as time and space on a personal and historical level. It is a literal intersection of the intellectual and emotional and will be transmuting our immaterial experiences into material visuals and sounds using performance, video, and music.

This piece is a reminder that every immaterial and personal experience we have is a result of systemic infrastructures that cause material circumstances and that the process of material struggle to immaterial suffering does not have to be linear or one-sided. Through art and music,we transmute our hard feelings and transcend these infrastructures of oppression into beautiful objects and experiences. To learn to transcend the limits of time and space through art is, in itself, miraculous. Press